Woody plant or bush of multi-stems and hieght lower than 20ft.

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Acalypha (Green)

Common Name(s)Green Acalypha, Copperleaf, ir37weph's coat
Acalypha (Tricolor)

Numerous Styles

Common Name(s)Tricolour Acalypha, Hoja de Cobre, Fire Dragon, Copper Leaf, ir37weph's coat

Common Name(s)Agave, Century Plant, Maguey(Mexico), American Aloe
Agave (Variegated)

Common Name(s)Agave, Century Plant, Maguey(Mexico), American Aloe
Aralia (Balfour)

Common Name(s)Balfour Aralia, Balfouriana Aralia
Aralia (Balfour) (Variegated)

Common Name(s)Balfour Aralia, Balfouriana Aralia
Aralia (Ming)

Common Name(s)Ming Aralia
Aralia (Parsley)

Common Name(s)Parsley Aralia, Celery-Leaf Aralia, Black Aralia
Aralia (Shield)

Common Name(s)Dinner Plate Aralia, Fabian, Plum Aralia
Berrywood Tree

Common Name(s)Berrywood Tree, Elliptic Yellowwood, Ochrosia, Bloodhorn Mangrove, Wedge Apple

Common Name(s)Natal Plum, Carissa
Corn Dracaena

A perennial shrub with distinctive green leaves resembling that of a corn plant, each detailed with a yellow stripe within its centre. This dracena also blooms flowers that are coloured white with a hint of purple. The flowers are fragrant, hence its sc ...

Common Name(s)Corn Plant, Corn Dracaena

Common Name(s)Croton
Dragon Tree Dracaena

Supported by its slender cane, this plant can grow to about 10-15ft. Each leaf had a glossy colour of green bordered by red bands along its edges. They are very popularly used indoors within houses and offices. They are also easy to care for.

Common Name(s)Dragon Tree
Ficus Benjamina (Weeping Fig)

This ficus plant is popularly used in landscaping for hedging. Its glossy green leaves create a thick barrier to provide privacy. They can be pruned and kept at the height you prefer and also produce creative and attractive shapes and designs.

Common Name(s)Ficus fenjamina, Benjamin tree, Weeping fig
Fiddle Leaf

The ficus lyrata is a fig plant that consists of broad green leaves. Their name "fiddle leaf" is derived from the distinctive shape of their leaf which resembles a fiddle. It can be trained to grow in various interesting shapes and designs and is popular ...

Common Name(s)Fiddle Leaf
Hawaiian Ti Dracaena

The Hawaiian ti is a plant with broad purple/red leaves crowning its slender cane stem. This shrub is native to the island of Hawaii. Planted around homes, it is believed by Hawaiians to bring the home good luck and protection. They grow best under low- ...

Common Name(s)Good Luck Tree, Red Sister, Hawaiian Ti

Common Name(s)Seagrape
Silver Buttonwood

Common Name(s)Silver Buttonwood
Song of Jamaica

The song of jamaica is a popular ornamental choice in landscaping. This plant consists of a lush crown of glossy green leaves.

Common Name(s)Song of Jamaica