Malayan Coconut Palm Trees


Plant Details

Scientific Name
Cocos nucifera
Common Name(s)
Coco Palm, Coconut Tree
Coconut Variety
Green Malayan, Gold Malayan, Yellow Malayan
Available Sizes
  • 3 gallon
  • 25 gallon
  • Up to 30ft.
  • Yellow
  • Orange
Clear Trunk-(ct)
Up to 25ft
Overall Height-(oh)
Up to 35ft. and more
Malayan coconut palms are one of the most popular used tropical trees in the Bahamas when landscaping. The trees have hardy woody trunks that supports a crown of pinnate fronds, which extends beyond the base. The plants have over one hundred (100) different uses. The most well-known would possible be their deliciously edible fruit that contains numerous nutritional properties. Being salt-tolerant, the coconut plants is a great choice for planting around coastal areas.