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Palm Trees & Cycads

The largest, if not one of the largest collections of palms that are locally grown (homegrown) in the entire Bahamas.

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Alexander Palm Trees

Alexander palms are hardy plants that have a crown of pinnate leaves attached to a slender grey trunk. The slender beauties are often planted grouped as well as singularly. In the Bahamas, their attractive stature make the palms popularly used in landscap ...

Common Name(s)Alexander Palm, Solitaire palm
Areca Palm Trees

Areca palms are often referred as the golden cane palm due to their golden-yellow trunks. These attractive plants have lush, pinnate leaves that often luster in the sunlight, attached to golden stems. Occasionally, the plants produce clusters of small gol ...

Common Name(s)Areca Palm, Butterfly Palm, Yellow Palm, Golden Cane Palm, Madagascar palm, Betel nut palm, Pinang, Bing lang
Bamboo Palm Trees

Bamboo palms are beautiful plants that have pinnate leaves attached to bamboo-like stems and trunks. The plants sprout clusters of pea-shaped and sized seeds.

Common Name(s)Bamboo Palm
Cardboard Palm

Cardboard palm plants are of the cycad family. The plant's foliage consists of hard leathery texture leaves. The cardboard palm thrives both indoors as well as outdoors within full-sun zones.

Common Name(s)Cardboard Palm, Cardboard Plant, Cardboard Sago, Cardboard Cycad
Chinese Fan Palm Trees (Small)

Chinese fan palms are popular plant choices when landscaping in the Bahamas. The plants consists of a crown of single fan-shaped leaflets attached to a hardy trunk. Often around the plants trunks are the remains of old leaf scars as well as naturally matt ...

Common Name(s)Chinese fan palm, Chinese fountain palm
Florida Thatch Palm Trees

Florida thatch palms are attractive plants that have fan-shaped foliage supported on a woody grey trunk. The stems of the palm trees do not have any sharp spines attached to them. The plants are salt tolerant, making them popular in the Bahamas when lands ...

Common Name(s)Florida Thatch Palm, Broom Palm, Jamaican Thatch Palm
Medjool Date palm

Edible date palm, with a trunk and growth similar to the silver date variety. Stately and majestic

Montgomery Palm Trees

Montgomery palms are remarkable plants. The trees have a hardy grey trunk with a crown supporting feather-like textured fronds that slightly arch. The trees bear clusters of red, berry-like seeds under the plant's glossy foliage.

Common Name(s)Montgomery palm, Sunshine palm
Pineapple Zamia Palm

Pineapple zamia palms are plants of the cycad family that, as their name suggests, resembles a small pineapple. The plant consists of pinnate leaves attached to brown stems.

Common Name(s)Pineapple Zamia Palm, Pineapple Sago Palm
Silver Date Palm Tree

Edible date palm tree. Stately and majestic. Hardy and salt tolerant palm variety.

Silver Thatch Palm Trees

Silver thatch palms are palm trees native to the Bahamas. Foliage of the plants consists of fan-shaped leaflets that connects to a grey trunk by long green stems. The fronds have a silvery-luster, from which the palm's name is derived. The plants are able ...

Common Name(s)Silver Thatch Palm
Umbrella Palm

Umbrella palms are shrub-like plants that have glossy green foliage. The leaflets split in many directions, connecting to a centre point on long green stems. The stems emerge from the plant's base, creating an umbrella shape. They are used to create a tro ...

Common Name(s)Umbrella Palm