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Native Plants

Selection of plants that are native to the Bahamas.

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The allspice is an evergreen plant that produces an edible spice, popularly used in cooking. The plants have leathery-long leaves that have an aromatic attraction. The leaves are also used in cooking.

Common Name(s)Allspice
Bay cedar

An woody shrub that can be found along coastlines. Salt tolerant and unaffected by extreme salt prays.

Common Name(s)Bay cedar
Green Buttonwood

Common Name(s)Green Buttonwood

Common Name(s)Kamalame, Gumbo-limbo
Lignum Vitae

Common Name(s)Lignum Vitae, Tree of Life
Pigeon Plum

The pigeon plum is a native Bahamian fruiting tree. The plants have green leaves and produce small edible berries.The fruits are apart of the Caribbean bird species, white-crowned pigeon's diet. The trees are also salt tolerant.

Common Name(s)Pigeon Plum, Dove plum, Tie-tongue
Railroad Vine

Salt tolerant dune ground cover. Quickly spreads with light green leaves with lavander/pink flowers that can be seen throughout the summer and august. Extremely tolerant to salt spray.

Common Name(s)Railroad vine, beach elder

Sapodilla plants are evergreen native Bahamian edible fruit trees. The foliage of the plant consists of glossy-green leaves supported on the tree's woody stems and branches. The delicious fruits are round-brown in shape and colour.

Common Name(s)Sapodilla, Naseberry, Nispero, Sapote
Sea ox eye daisy

Salt tolerant plant used for coastal and inland planting. Silvery leaves with bright yellow clusters of flowers.

Common Name(s)Sea ox eye daisy, sea-marigold
Sea purslane

A fast growing salt tolerant ground cover that is used for coastal landscaping. Fleshy leaves with yellow, green, red stems. Small pink flowers that bloom year round. Extremely tolerant to salt spray.

Common Name(s)Sea purslane

Seagrape plants are one of the most popular edible fruit trees in the Bahamas. The foliage of the plant consists of round green leaves. The plant produces cluster of grapes that are sweetest when they have turned purple. Seagrape plants are popular landsc ...

Common Name(s)Seagrape
Silver Buttonwood

Common Name(s)Silver Buttonwood
Silver Thatch Palm

Silver thatch palms are palm trees native to the Bahamas. Foliage of the plants consists of fan-shaped leaflets that connects to a grey trunk by long green stems. The fronds have a silvery-luster, from which the palm's name is derived. The plants are able ...

Common Name(s)Silver Thatch Palm
Strong Back

Common Name(s)Strong Back, Strong Bark
Yellow Elder

The yellow elder is a lush branching flowering shrub. The plants have woody brown stems and oval-shaped green leaves to make up its foliage. The yellow elder produces vibrant trumpet-shaped clusters of yellow flowers, fitting for being chosen as the natio ...

Common Name(s)Yellow Elder, Yellow Trumpet Flower