Railroad Vine

Salt tolerant dune ground cover. Quickly spreads with light green leaves with lavander/pink flowers that can be seen throughout the summer and august. Extremely tolerant to salt spray.

Plant Type:Native Plants
Common Name(s)Railroad vine, beach elder
Rain Lilly

The rain lily is a perennial ground-cover flowering plant. The lily has grass-like leaves around the plant's base. When the lily is about to flower, a stalk with a bud protrudes from it's centre, blossoming at the tip. The flowers close at night and reope ...

Plant Type:Flowering Plants
Common Name(s)Rain Lilly, Fairy Lily, Zephyr Lily, Westwind-flower
Red Barleria

The red barleria, is a perennial flowering plant. The plant can grow into a dense low shrub. Clustered with green lush leaves on its woody stem, the plant produces trumpet-like red flowers.

Plant Type:Flowering Plants
Common Name(s)Red Barleria, Small Bush Violet, Coral Creeper Bush Violet, Coral Vine
Rose Flowered Jatropha

The rose flowered jatropha is a flowering shrub with green oblanceolate leaves. The plant has a relatively lone flowering period during which time it blossoms clusters of small red flowers.

Plant Type:Flowering Plants
Common Name(s)Rose Flowered Jatropha, Peregrina, Spicy Jatropha, Shanghai Beauty

The ruella is a flowering perennial shrub that blossoms numerous flowers whose colour can vary. The plant is used in landscaping for hedges and borders.

Plant Type:Flowering Plants
Common Name(s)Ruella, Wild Petunia