Oleander (Yellow)

The olender is an evergreen shrub that blossoms clusters of flowers that can vary in colour. The trunk has a leather-like bark and is covered with narrow green leaves. The plant's lush foliage makes it a popular choice landscaping for hedging.

Plant Type:Flowering Plants
Common Name(s)Yellow/White Oleander, Snowy Yellow Oleander, Yellow Oleander
Otaheite Apple

The otaheite apple is a strong evergreen tree that produces delicious edible fruits. The plants have broad green leaves on its leather-like stems and branches. The trees produce a fruit that turns ruby red once fully ripen. The green fruits have been used ...

Common Name(s)Otaheite Apple, Malay Apple, Jamaican Apple, Malacca Apple, Tahitian Apple, Ball Guava (jambu bol - Indonesia),Otaheite Cashew, Pommerac (derived from pomme du lac, meaning "Milk Apple" in French), Malacca Apple, Rose Apple, Water Apple, Mountain Apple, Pomarosa or Plum Rose