The jacaranda is a tropical flowering plant. The tree blooms clusters of purple flowers. The trumpet-like flowers are fragrant and are highlighted by its small green leaves that surround them. The plant makes for a great shade solution.

Plant Type:Flowering Plants
Common Name(s)Jacaranda
Jade Pothos

Plant Type:Indoor Plants
Common Name(s)Jade Pothos, Creeping Charlie, Silver Vine, Money Plant, Centipede tongavine, Devil's Ivy, Solomon Islands' Ivy
Jujubes (Ju Ju)

Jujubes or "ju ju" as they are locally known are fruiting plants that produce clusters of plums. The fruits are eaten at all stages of ripening. They begin green in colour, and then golden-yellow complexion, until eventually turning a rusty brown shade, w ...

Common Name(s)Jujubes, Ju Ju, Red Date, Chinese Date