Golden Pothos (Variegated Pothos)

Plant Type:Indoor Plants
Common Name(s)Golden Pothos, Variegated Pothos, Creeping Charlie, Silver Vine, Money Plant, Centipede tongavine, Devil's Ivy, Solomon Islands' Ivy
Governors Plum

The governors plum is a attractive small tree that bears edible fruit. The plants have a leathery-grey trunk and glossy-green leaves. The fruits are dark purple when ripe and used in popularly making jams.

Common Name(s)Governors Plum, Madagascar plum, Batoko plum
Grape Vine

The grape vine is a crawling plant that produces bunches of small grape fruits. The grape vine plants are able to to trained to climb and cling to objects such as fences. The stems are woody and produce clusters of fruits that can vary in colour depending ...

Common Name(s)Vine Grape
Green Buttonwood

Plant Type:Native Plants
Common Name(s)Green Buttonwood