Canna Lilly

The Cana lily is a small perennial that produces vibrant combinations of flowers surrounded by large upright leaves which resemble banana fronds. They are an attractive choice for landscaping.

Plant Type:Flowering Plants
Common Name(s)Canna Lilly
Cardboard Palm

Cardboard palm plants are of the cycad family. The plant's foliage consists of hard leathery texture leaves. The cardboard palm thrives both indoors as well as outdoors within full-sun zones.

Common Name(s)Cardboard Palm, Cardboard Plant, Cardboard Sago, Cardboard Cycad
Caricature Plant (White)

The caricature plant is an evergreen shrub thrives in the tropics. The leaves are oval-shaped and range from a variety of mixed colours such as red, green, purple, and cream on its glossy leather-like leaves. The plant produces a small flower which can to ...

Plant Type:Flowering Plants
Common Name(s)White Caricature Plant, Jamaican Croton

Plant Type:Shrubs
Common Name(s)Natal Plum, Carissa
Chinese Evergreen (Emerald Beauty)

Plant Type:Indoor Plants
Common Name(s)Chinese Evergreen, Emerald Beauty
Chinese Evergreen (Silver Queen)

Plant Type:Indoor Plants
Common Name(s)Chinese Evergreen, Silver Queen, Silver Bay, White Lace
Chinese Fan Palm Trees (Small)

Chinese fan palms are popular plant choices when landscaping in the Bahamas. The plants consists of a crown of single fan-shaped leaflets attached to a hardy trunk. Often around the plants trunks are the remains of old leaf scars as well as naturally matt ...

Common Name(s)Chinese fan palm, Chinese fountain palm
Coral Plant

The coral plant is a flowering shrub that consisits of leaves that divide in a crowning spread. The flowers of this plant are produced in clusters of red that bloom year round.

Plant Type:Flowering Plants
Common Name(s)Coral Plant, Coral Jatropha, Coral Bush
Corn Dracaena

A perennial shrub with distinctive green leaves resembling that of a corn plant, each detailed with a yellow stripe within its centre. This dracena also blooms flowers that are coloured white with a hint of purple. The flowers are fragrant, hence its sc ...

Plant Type:Shrubs
Common Name(s)Corn Plant, Corn Dracaena

Plant Type:Shrubs
Common Name(s)Croton
Crown of Thorns

The crown of thorns plant is a small shrub that produces a number of small flowers that can vary in colour. The plant is covered with small green leaves around prickles along its stalk. It is a popular landscaping plant used around the Bahamas.

Plant Type:Flowering Plants
Common Name(s)Crown of Thorns, Dwarf Apache