Bamboo Palm Trees

Bamboo palms are beautiful plants that have pinnate leaves attached to bamboo-like stems and trunks. The plants sprout clusters of pea-shaped and sized seeds.

Common Name(s)Bamboo Palm
Bay cedar

An woody shrub that can be found along coastlines. Salt tolerant and unaffected by extreme salt prays.

Plant Type:Native Plants
Common Name(s)Bay cedar
Berrywood Tree

Plant Type:Shrubs
Common Name(s)Berrywood Tree, Elliptic Yellowwood, Ochrosia, Bloodhorn Mangrove, Wedge Apple
Boston Fern

The Boston fern has sword-like green fronds that create a lush appearance. They are popular choices within landscaping.

Plant Type:Indoor Plants
Common Name(s)Boston Fern
Bridal Bouquet

This plant produces pearly white flowers in clusters, which resembles that of a wedding bouquet. Surrounding the flower clusters in its background are green leaves attached to a slender green, creating a tropical look. The bridal bouquet is used popularly ...

Plant Type:Flowering Plants
Common Name(s)Bridal Bouquet, White frangipani, Fiddle leaf plumeria
Butterfly Pea (Blue Flower)

The butterfly pea produces rich-blue flowers along its green vine. This plant is a climber that can be train to climb trellis and other structures. This plant makes a great addition to your garden.

Plant Type:Flowering Plants
Common Name(s)Butterfly Pea, Blue Flower Pea