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Edible/Fruit Plants

Great selection of fruit bearing plants that add "flavour" to any project.

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This native fruiting tree from West Africa, is the National Fruit of Jamaica. The fruit is used very prominently to make food dishes. It is very important to have knowledge about preparing this fruit for consumption before consuming it.

Common Name(s)Ackee

The allspice is an evergreen plant that produces an edible spice, popularly used in cooking. The plants have leathery-long leaves that have an aromatic attraction. The leaves are also used in cooking.

Common Name(s)Allspice

The almond, is a tree that thrives in the tropics. The plants have a dense foliage that consists of obviate leaves that can measure up to 12 inches long. The plant produces an edible fruit that has antibacterial properties. The plants are also salt tolera ...

Common Name(s)Almond, Bengal Almond, Singapore Almond , Ebelebo, Malabar Almond,Indian Almond, Tropical Almond, Sea Almond, Talisay Tree, Umbrella Tree, Zanmande (creole)
Avacado Pear

The avacado pear is an evergreen tree that produces a delicious edible fruit. The round fruits of the plants are highly nutritious, having the highest amounts of protein and oil of any other fruit.

Common Name(s)Avacado Pear, Butter Pear, Alligator Pear, Palta (spanish), Aguacate (spanish)
Dragon Fruit (Red)

Sweet fruit , rich in antioxidants. Taste resembles a kiwi or apple sauce. Zinc, fibre, great for smoothies and salad deliciousness.

Common Name(s)pitaya, red dragon fruit

Common Name(s)Fever grass, Lemon grass, Silky heads, Citronella grass
Governors Plum

The governors plum is a attractive small tree that bears edible fruit. The plants have a leathery-grey trunk and glossy-green leaves. The fruits are dark purple when ripe and used in popularly making jams.

Common Name(s)Governors Plum, Madagascar plum, Batoko plum
Grape Vine

The grape vine is a crawling plant that produces bunches of small grape fruits. The grape vine plants are able to to trained to climb and cling to objects such as fences. The stems are woody and produce clusters of fruits that can vary in colour depending ...

Common Name(s)Vine Grape
Indian Borage

Common Name(s)Indian Borage
Jujubes (Ju Ju)

Jujubes or "ju ju" as they are locally known are fruiting plants that produce clusters of plums. The fruits are eaten at all stages of ripening. They begin green in colour, and then golden-yellow complexion, until eventually turning a rusty brown shade, w ...

Common Name(s)Jujubes, Ju Ju, Red Date, Chinese Date

Common Name(s)Key lime, West Indian lime, Bartender’s lime, Omani lime, Mexican lime
Moringa (Miracle Tree)

Moringa trees in the Bahamas Moringa - the "Miracle Tree" introduces itself to The Bahamas and beyond! Such an abundance of nutritional richness found in one plant. Moringa contains 3 times the amount of iron found in spinach. Contains more calcium tha ...

Common Name(s)Moringa oleifera, Moringa, Miracle Tree

Mulberry trees are fruiting plants that produce edible clusters of berries. The trees have light-green foliage on its leathery-brown stems. The fruits of the plants have a slight resemblance to the raspberry. They begin green and turn red and then finally ...

Common Name(s)Mullberry

Neem is a highly medicinal, and anti-fungal plant.

Common Name(s)Neem

The noni is an evergreen fruiting plant shrub. The plants have glossy green broad leaves, and produce potato shaped fruits. Noni is popularly used for its many nutritional and medicinal contents.

Common Name(s)Noni
Otaheite Apple

The otaheite apple is a strong evergreen tree that produces delicious edible fruits. The plants have broad green leaves on its leather-like stems and branches. The trees produce a fruit that turns ruby red once fully ripen. The green fruits have been used ...

Common Name(s)Otaheite Apple, Malay Apple, Jamaican Apple, Malacca Apple, Tahitian Apple, Ball Guava (jambu bol - Indonesia),Otaheite Cashew, Pommerac (derived from pomme du lac, meaning "Milk Apple" in French), Malacca Apple, Rose Apple, Water Apple, Mountain Apple, Pomarosa or Plum Rose
Passion Fruit

Passion fruit plants are vines have the ability to climb and cling to objects. The plant produces a beautiful purple flower that attracts many nectar-feeding animals. The edible round fruits of the plants are golden-yellow when mature.

Common Name(s)Passion Fruit, Purple granadilla, Purple passion flower
Pigeon Plum

The pigeon plum is a native Bahamian fruiting tree. The plants have green leaves and produce small edible berries.The fruits are apart of the Caribbean bird species, white-crowned pigeon's diet. The trees are also salt tolerant.

Common Name(s)Pigeon Plum, Dove plum, Tie-tongue

Pineapples are popular bromiliad-like plants. The plant grows on the ground and produces a oval-shaped edible fruit.

Common Name(s)Pineapple, Ananas

Pomegranate plants are shrub-like trees that produce edible fruit. The fruits are round and filled with many seeds surrounded by edible succulent pulp. The flowers have a red-orange colour, and eventually become a round fruit.

Common Name(s)Pomegranet

Sapodilla plants are evergreen native Bahamian edible fruit trees. The foliage of the plant consists of glossy-green leaves supported on the tree's woody stems and branches. The delicious fruits are round-brown in shape and colour.

Common Name(s)Sapodilla, Naseberry, Nispero, Sapote

Seagrape plants are one of the most popular edible fruit trees in the Bahamas. The foliage of the plant consists of round green leaves. The plant produces cluster of grapes that are sweetest when they have turned purple. Seagrape plants are popular landsc ...

Common Name(s)Seagrape
Sineguela (Spanish Plum)

The spanish plum is tree that produces an edible fruit. The plants have a woody trunk and green pinnate leaves. The plums that the plant produces are usually eaten once they have reached full maturity and turned red.

Common Name(s)Sineguela , Spanish Plum

The tamarind is tropical plant that has woody stems and branches. Attached are small green pinnate leaves. The plant produces clusters of lobe-shaped fruit casing features. Within the lope-shaped containers are the soft pulp fruit. The taste can be sweet ...

Common Name(s)Tamarind, Indian Date, Asam Jawa